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The Meaning of Marriage

The Meaning of Marriage, a pastoral statement on behalf of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference, advises the faithful that to redefine the nature of marriage would be to undermine it as the fundamental building block of our society.

Guidelines on Relationships and Sexuality Education

Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) and Religious Education Religious Education in Catholic primary schools seeks to help children to grow and develop into healthy mature adults, capable of realising their full potential as human beings created in the image and likeness of God. One aspect of that growth is the development of the children’s ability to […]

Religion and Belief among Catholics in Ireland

A short review of recent ESS data by Eoin O’Mahony, Council for Research and Development of the Irish Bishops’ Conference.

Repent and Believe the Good News

Download a copy of Repent and Believe the Good News (pdf) An important part of Lent for followers of Jesus Christ is the practice of repentance. In fact Lent is a special period of time set aside for us to intensify and concentrate on the call to repentance that is at the start of our […]

Information Pack for Emigrants

IECE have produced an information pack for Emigrants ahead of St Patrick’s Day to assist those emigrating and the families and friends who remain at home. The pack includes stories from Irish emigrants about their personal experiences of emigration and stories from those who work to support Irish emigrants and prayers for emigrants.

Practice and Belief among Catholics in Ireland

Latest figures for practice and belief in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland and a report detailing the age profile of priests in ministry in 2011.

Living Communion: Vision and Practice for Parish Pastoral Councils in Ireland Today

“The revised document, Living Communion: Vision and Practice for Parish Pastoral Councils in Ireland Today, will, with God’s grace, also lead to continued exchanges and conversations as we journey, learning together, into the future.”

Christmas 2011 Reflection: Hope in Challenging Times

Christmas is a time when we reflect on the Holy Family, a family whose love for each other and faith in God helped them to overcome great trials and suffering.

A Call to Action in Times of Crisis

In the spirit of this reflection we cannot fail to acknowledge that many people throughout Ireland are anxiously awaiting the outcome of the Budget for 2012 in the Republic and the new Programme for Government in Northern Ireland. It is to be hoped that the measures adopted in these crucial areas will contribute to the common good and not further scar the social landscape.

Maynooth Statutes 264 #2

The Irish Episcopal Conference at its General Meeting of December 2010 abrogated (abolished/repealed) the Maynooth Statute N. 264, §2 effective from January 2012.

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