Maynooth Statutes 264 #2

22 Nov 2011

Maynooth Statutes 264 #2

The Irish Episcopal Conference at its General Meeting of December 2010 abrogated (abolished/repealed) the Maynooth Statute N. 264, §2 effective from January 2012. The statute  states that “….to avoid prejudice against the management of schools a clerical manager is forbidden to dismiss any teacher or assistant, male or female or to give notice of dismissal to them until the Bishop be notified, so that the teacher, if he/she so desires, may be heard in his/her own defence by the Bishop.” (Maynooth Statute N. 264, §2) In view of the introduction by the Department of Education and Skills of a procedure for the suspension and dismissal of teachers (Circular 60/2009) which contains more than adequate mechanisms for appeal, there is no longer need for recourse to the Maynooth Statute appeal provision N. 264, §2.

Paragraph 24 (3) of the Education Act 1998, issued by the Irish Oireachtas, states: “A board shall appoint teachers and other staff, who are to be paid from monies provided by the Oireachtas, and may suspend or dismiss such teachers and staff, in accordance with procedures agreed from time to time between the Minister, the patron, recognised school management organisations and any recognised trade union and staff association representing teachers or other staff as appropriate.” Such procedures are outlined in Circular 60/2009 of the Department of Education and Skills.

In a letter of 29 March 2011, His Eminence Cardinal Grocholewski, Prefect of the Congregation for Catholic Education, granted to the Irish Episcopal Conference  the nihil obstat (official approval) for the abrogation of the Maynooth Statute N. 264, §2.

The education partners were apprised of the decision to abrogate N. 264, §2 of the Maynooth Statutes. It was indicated to them that the Maynooth N. 264, §2 of the Maynooth Statutes would no longer be required  in view of the provisions for appeals in the Department of Education and Skills circular on disciplinary procedures – Circular 60/2009.

A decree authorising the abrogation of the Maynooth Statute N. 264, §2 was signed in September 2011.

Please click here for the pdf of the Decree.