There are regular meetings between Bishops and the leadership of AMRI. These meetings enable representatives of the Episcopal Conference and the Conference of Religious of Ireland to discuss matters of mutual interest.

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The purpose of the Conference of Religious of Ireland is to serve the leaders and through them the members of Religious Congregations. It provides a forum where religious can work together in the mission they hold in common.

The Association of Leaders of Missionaries and Religious of Ireland (AMRI) came about through the amalgamation of the two conferences of men and women in 1983.

Today it has a membership of 136 Religious Congregations that through its leadership represents in excess of 9,000 men and women religious across the island of Ireland, north and south. As many of these congregations have members across all continents, AMRI has the capacity to network across the globe.

The mission of AMRI is that of Jesus who was sent into the world and who calls and sends us in turn (John 20:21).

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