Council for Catechetics of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference

This Council comes under the Episcopal Commission for Catholic Education and Formation

Contact details

Ms Kate Liffey
National Director for Catechetics,
Co-ordinator of the National Faith Development Team
Council for Catechetics of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference
Columba Centre, Maynooth, Co Kildare
Tel: +353 (0) 1 5053140
Fax: +353 (0) 1 6016401
Email: [email protected]

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The members of the Catechetics Council are

Bishop Brendan Leahy (Chair)
Bishop William Crean
Dr. Fiona Dineen
Ms Maura Hyland
Mgr Dermot A Lane
Kate Liffey (Executive Secretary)
Caroline O’Brien
Dr Gerry O’Connell
Dr Cora O’Farrell
Ms Anne Hession
Father Gareth Byrne 

The Council draws from a variety of sources of expertise to help inform its proceedings.


The Council for Catechetics is one of the councils in the Department of Catholic Education and Formation. The Catechetics Council articulates policy and vision for the catechetical needs of Ireland, North and South, on behalf of the Episcopal Conference. It liaises with the Episcopal Commission for Education, other Commissions of the Bishops’ Conference and with other bodies and individuals in the area of catechesis and Religious Education.


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