Irish Episcopal Council for Immigrants

About the Irish Episcopal Council for Immigrants

Immigration both voluntary and involuntary is a global phenomenon, touching every Irish parish today.  Concern for the reception and treatment ofimmigrantsand on the related question of pastoral care prompted the formation of the Irish Episcopal Council for Immigrants in September 2008.  Its mission is to welcome, support and empowerimmigrantswho live

The Council serves as the centre of a network of diocesan and parish personnel who minister various ethnic groups and people on the move throughout the country.  It is tasked with increasing pastoral awareness, cultural sensitivity, and the dynamics of outreach, welcome and support throughout its network.  Inherent in its mission is the promotion and development of mutual respect and incorporation of the gifts and talents offered by diverse cultures into our parish lives.  To fulfil this mission, the Council aims to develop and foster initiatives between the Bishops’ Conference and the dioceses and parishes in relation to the pastoral care of immigrants.