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Pope Francis receives the new Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults from Director of Veritas, Maura Hyland

On Thursday, 26 June, Maura Hyland, Director of Veritas, presented Pope Francis with a copy of the newly published Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults.

National Pastoral Conference 2014

The National Pastoral Conference (25-27 September) is offered to people who are charged with leadership, faith development, care and/or other pastoral responsibilities in dioceses, parishes, Pastoral Areas (groups of parishes), schools, religious congregations and ecclesial movements.

Voices from the floor: “the national pastoral conference as we experienced it”

The National Pastoral Conference had, for many, real potential to impact positively on life, mission and ministry in our Church…

We are in a living system which is changing every day

At the National Pastoral Conference in September, we presented an account of the group reflections which we hosted at the International Eucharistic Congress …

Nourishing the seeds of Renewal at the National Pastoral Conference

Communion and co-responsibility in the Church – nourishing the seeds of renewal at the National Pastoral Conference.

National Pastoral Conference 2012: ‘Communion and Co-responsibility in the Church’

The aim of the National Pastoral Conference is to support the work of renewal and reform in the Church in Ireland at this time.

National Pastoral Conference

Details on the National Pastoral Conference (Sheraton Hotal, Athlone 13-15 September) and video interview with Sr Anne Codd on Parish Pastoral Councils and the difference they make in a parish.

Communion and Coresponsibility in the Church

The biennial pastoral conference, organised on behalf of the Council for Pastoral Renewal and Adult Faith Development, will be held from 13 – 15 September in the Sheraton Hotel, Athlone. The focus of the Conference will be communion and co-responsibility in the Church.

Living Communion: Vision and Practice for Parish Pastoral Councils in Ireland Today

“The revised document, Living Communion: Vision and Practice for Parish Pastoral Councils in Ireland Today, will, with God’s grace, also lead to continued exchanges and conversations as we journey, learning together, into the future.”

Grouping Parishes for Mission

This document discusses, among other issues, the context and current practice of grouping parishes; a vision of local Church and its theological underpinning; canonical models of parish; facilitating the development of Pastoral Areas and implications for leadership.

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