The Letter – A Message for Our Earth

“Faced as we are with global environmental deterioration, I wish to address every person living on this planet.” (Pope Francis, Laudato Si’, 3)

On October 4th 2022, the Laudato Si’ movie, The LetterA Message for our Earth, was launched in Rome. In just three weeks it had 8 million views on YouTube! The Letter, produced by the Laudato Si’ Movement, together with the Oscar and BAFTA-winning team Off the Fence, is a film-documentary which features Pope Francis along with grassroots champions around the world. It follows 5 courageous changemakers, each of whom represent an unheard voice in conversations on the planetary crisis. These are the voices of the Indigenous, the voice of youth, the voice of the poor and the voice of wildlife. They tell their stories and bring hope to the global conversation to care more deeply for our common home.

Millions of people around the world have already watched The Letter online and we invite you to arrange a community screening in your local parish and begin the conversation where you are.

Step 1: Visit The Letter website to find out more about the film-documentary: and register your screening.

Step 2: Let us know about your screening by emailing Trócaire’s Laudato Si’ officer: [email protected]. Trócaire staff are very happy to help you run your event.

Step 3: Think about what you want to achieve by hosting this screening. Who you want to hear the message of The Letter? What would you like to see happen one week after this screening? One month after this screening?

Step 4: Invite people to make a personal pledge and a community pledge after the screening. You can order special postcards from Trócaire to help or download a copy here [insert postcard pdf] Consider forming a parish care for creation group and discuss how you might move things forward. There are plenty of resource on the Care for Our Common Home page to help you.

“All of us can cooperate as instruments of God for the care of creation, each according to his or her own culture, experience, involvements and talents.” (Pope Francis, Laudato Si’ 14).