Day 10: Tuesday 12 December 2023

Welcome to Day 10 of our Advent Calendar

During the 22 days of Advent, new content will be available each day behind the calendar’s doors. 

Season of Advent

Advent is the four-week season before Christmas during which we prepare for the coming of Christ.  The word Advent comes from the Latin word adventus, which means “coming”.  The season of Advent is a time of waiting, conversion and of hope, which has a twofold character as:

  • A time of preparation for the Solemnities of the Christmas season, in which the first coming of the Son of God to humanity is remembered; and,
  • A time when – by remembrance of this – our minds and hearts look forward to the Second Coming of Christ at the end of time.

For these two reasons, Advent is a period of devout and expectant delight.

Our digital Advent calendar is a helpful resource for our ‘journey’ towards Christmas.  Each day, by clicking on a virtual door, we are inviting you to take a few minutes to avail of our resources to rediscover the true meaning of Advent and Christmas.

A message from Stephen Sherry, seminarian, Maynooth


Advent Prayers

As we remember good times when our loved ones helped us on our way – times of togetherness, family times and moments of friendship, let us continue to cherish each one and to do for one another whatever we can, with generosity, recalling what was done for us. O Lord, help us to continue to love one another. Amen

Our Prayer Intentions for the Day to Pray Together as a Family

  1. Lord, as we continue through this winter season with its short days and long nights, we pray that the Church’s ministry may bring the light of Christ to all. Lord Hear Us – Lord Graciously Hear Us
  2. We pray for our Holy Father Pope Francis. Keep him safe and give him strength as he continues his pontificate. We pray too for Pope Emeritus Benedict the Sixteenth. We pray for all Church leaders and for all our priests and religious, who give so generously all year round. Let them know that at this time of year especially how much they are appreciated and loved. Lord Hear Us – Lord Graciously Hear Us
  3. At this time of year our thoughts turn to the Holy Land and especially to Bethlehem, the Royal City of David, the birthplace of the Royal Prince of Peace.  This Christmas, we pray for justice and peace for all Christians in the land of our Lord’s birth.  We pray too for those across our World who are persecuted for their faith. Lord Hear Us – Lord Graciously Hear Us

Kids’ Corner!

Each day of Advent you will find fun activities and prayers for children to enjoy and learn more about the Season of Advent.

Children’s Prayers

Journey Prayer
Arise with me in the morning,
Travel with me through each day,
Welcome me on my arrival.
God be with me all the way. Amen

Paidir Thurais
Éirigh liom, a Dhia,
Fan liom i rith an lae,
Sa bhaile agus ar gach turas,
Ná lig dom dul ar strae. Áiméan. 

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Colouring page for Day 10 of Advent