Easter message to the people of Ireland from Archbishop Eamon Martin

30 Mar 2024

  • Archbishop Martin: “We are especially conscious this Easter that we live in a very fragile and troubled world”

In 1982, at the invitation of Cardinal Tomás Ó Fiaich, the renowned sculptor Imogen Stuart, who died this week, made a very distinctive bronze crucifix for the sanctuary of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in Armagh which she called the Tree of Life.
Unlike the traditional crucifix it shows Christ exalted – His suffering is over; He is the now Risen Saviour of all; His body surges upwards; His arms not only embrace all of humanity but they are raised up to heaven, pointing us to God.
The Tree of Life crucifix in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral unites the suffering of Good Friday with the new life of Easter Sunday.  It is a vision of Hope.  The tree of death is the tree of victory.
We are especially conscious this Easter that we live in a very fragile and troubled world. 
From Gaza to Ukraine, to the seemingly intractable problems at home surrounding addiction, housing and migration, at times we can be so overwhelmed by the suffering and negativity that we feel stuck in the sorrow of Good Friday, unable to experience the joy and hope of Easter Sunday. 
In these moments, it is worth remembering that the Cross of Christ is the Tree of Life.  Christ’s suffering and resurrection is our hope and our inspiration to keep on binding up hearts that are broken,
and bringing Good News to a wounded humanity. 
Mother Teresa once said, “Never let anything so fill you with pain or sorrow, as to make you forget the joy of the Risen Christ.” 
A very happy Easter to you all.