Bishops criticise Northern Ireland abortion regulations

24 Oct 2022

“As we have said before, in this context, the equal right to life of every mother and her unborn baby must always be upheld and protected. An important mark of any humane and compassionate society is our ability to work through difficult challenges in a way which is life affirming, not life destroying. As followers of Jesus, we believe that as a human family we have the capacity to love and care for one another, especially for mothers facing crisis in pregnancy, in a way that does not involve bringing about the death and destruction of vulnerable children in the womb.

“The abortion regulations introduced by Westminster, against the will of the majority of people here, are predicated on the assumption that the unborn child in the womb has no right to love, care and protection from society, unless the child is wanted. None of us acquire our humanity, or our fundamental right to existence, on the basis of whether or not we are wanted.

“What Westminster seeks to impose, against the clear will of a majority of people here, is a law which blatantly undermines the right to life of unborn children and promotes an abhorrent and indefensible prejudice against persons with disabilities, even before they are born. This is not a time for silence or strategic opting out. We call on all local MLA’s and political parties to speak out against the extreme and profoundly discriminatory nature of these abortion regulations.”