Bishops of Kildare welcome new holiday dedicated to Saint Brigid 

27 Jan 2022

  • Joint statement by Bishop Pat Storey, Church of Ireland Bishop of Meath & Kildare, and Bishop Denis Nulty, Catholic Bishop of Kildare & Leighlin

The news that the Government has announced an additional bank holiday to take place around Saint Brigid’s Day is to be welcomed.  

Brigid means many things to many people.  Symbol and story feature strongly in her life.  Brigid was born around 454 and died about 524.  For people of faith Saint Brigid represents that transition from paganism to Christianity in Celtic Ireland.  In 480 she founded her monastery in Kildare, the church of the oak tree.  Every school child knows the song of Brigid and how her cloak covered the area we know today as the Curragh, Saint Brigid’s Field. Brigid is linked with the earth, with agriculture, particularly ploughing, sowing, milking, butter-making and, of course, vibrant Christian faith.  Brigid was extravagant in her hospitality. 

It is very appropriate that a new public holiday will honour Saint Brigid.  As the secondary saint in Ireland to Patrick, for too long she has been lost in his shadow.  We warmly welcome the news that Brigid is being rightly, and long after time, acknowledged.


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