Statement regarding First Communions and Confirmations in Ferns Diocese

05 Aug 2021

The diocese of Ferns recognises the very important place that the sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation hold in the lives of our young people, their families, teachers and parishes.

The diocese wishes to assist parishes as they discern their current state of preparedness for safe celebration, as public discussion continues.

Priests are asked to recommence the conversation with those involved – most especially with parents and teachers – with a view to deciding what is best in terms of safety, unity and overall well being.

Where a church community is of the view that it wishes to proceed, the priest is asked to forward a request – with an agreed and demonstrably COVID safe plan – to Bishop’s House for consideration.

Parishes are asked to proceed in a well considered manner and to continue to avoid risk or division.

Unity and safety within a parish are vital in this matter – as is a recognition of the articulated anxiety among some – of an apparent relegation of religious practice and worship, within official overall political decision making, as communicated to date.

The diocese wishes to place on record its genuine appreciation to all within parishes – volunteers at churches, school staff and principals, the worshipping community generally and its faith leaders – for the monumental work they have undertaken to date, the guidance they have given and the standard of leadership they daily give – cross generationally – throughout the diocese.

The diocese also records afresh its gratitude and admiration to all who have worked so diligently and courageously at the front line since the beginning of the pandemic.