Social Media FAQ: Should I link my Parish Facebook and Twitter accounts? 

23 Feb 2021

Should I link my parish Facebook and Twitter accounts? 

The answer is definitely no! While it might seem like a time saver, the effect on those just following your parish on Twitter can be negative. While you continue to happily post on Facebook with your lovely glossy image and text, your followers over on Twitter just see a long nonsensical link ‘FBytjkkfkroroorifnn’ that looks utterly uninviting to them and can even look like an accidental post.

Also, if you are managing your posts for Twitter from Facebook, are you logging in to Twitter at all to check reactions, reach and feedback? You would be much better having a presence on one platform and doing it well, rather that trying to be on all platforms and falling down in consistency and attention to detail. So if you have your parish Facebook and Twitter linked, the recommendation is to unlink them!