Words of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin at the announcement of the appointment of Bishop Dermot Farrell as next Archbishop of Dublin

29 Dec 2020

When my appointment as Archbishop was formally announced, Cardinal Connell at the Press Conference began by saying:  “This is not my day; today is the day of the new Archbishop”.  I echo these sentiments as I greet and ask God’s blessing on my successor, Archbishop-elect Dermot Farrell.

Some months earlier, on the first Sunday after my nomination as Coadjutor Archbishop, I came to this Church to celebrate Mass.  I remember well during the readings being distracted and I began counting the numbers attending the Mass.  I got to twenty but then I thought I saw a woman behind one pillar and another behind another pillar.  Eventually I got to 25.

Only a few weeks ago, I said Mass here and the number was 50, the maximum number allowed.  Things have happened over the years and this is a vibrant parish with great people – indeed courageous people who take real leadership in their community.  It has a great school.  The parish serves people in their joys and in their many difficulties and sorrows and challenges.  The Salesian Fathers and the Parish Sister have done great work.

The last time I brought a visitor to this parish it was Pope Francis.  This is the only simple Parish Church in Ireland ever visited by a Pope.  Bishop Farrell you have a lot to live up to!

I am really delighted that Archbishop-elect Farrell has chosen this parish at the start of his ministry.  It shows where his heart lies.


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