Bishop Kevin Doran welcomes the appointment of Bishop Dermot Farrell as Archbishop of Dublin

29 Dec 2020

I am delighted to hear that Pope Francis has appointed Bishop Dermot Farrell to be the next Archbishop of Dublin. Bishop Dermot brings with him many years of pastoral experience in busy parishes as well as a ten year term as President of Saint Patrick’s College, Maynooth.

Since he joined the Episcopal Conference as Bishop of Ossory almost three years ago, I have come to appreciate Bishop Dermot’s hard work, his insightfulness and his good humour. I wish him every blessing as he takes on the pastoral leadership of this great Diocese which, along with many challenges, is blessed with many gifts and many kinds of service to the Lord.

This is also a very significant day for Archbishop Diarmuid Martin after over fifty years of service as a priest; more than twenty of them as a bishop. We have known one another for over forty years and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him. I wish him health and happiness in his retirement. 


  • Bishop Kevin Doran is Bishop of Elphin.                                          

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