New audio ‘Thought for the Day’ for Catholic Schools Week 2020

20 Jan 2020

Catholic Schools Week 2020 will be celebrated from Sunday 26 January – Sunday 1 February on the theme ‘Catholic Schools: Living in Harmony with God’s Creation’.

On each of the five school days of CSW2020 there will be an audio thought for the day available from

Kate Liffey, National Director for Catechetics with the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference, will voice each of the five audio pieces. She will expand on each of the daily themes for CSW2020 which are:

  • Monday: Living in Harmony with God Click here to listen 
  • Tuesday: Living in Harmony with our Neighbours Click here to listen 
  • Wednesday:  Living in Harmony with all Generations 
  • Thursday: Living in Harmony with the Earth
  • Friday: Living in Harmony in our Catholic School

The audio ‘Thought for the Day’ pieces will be available from Monday 27 January. 

During Catholic Schools Week families, parishes and schools, North and South, are invited to participate in a week of celebration of Catholic schools and on their contribution to the common good of our society. 

This year’s theme ‘Catholic Schools: Living in Harmony with God’s Creation’, encourages us to see that we all have a responsibility to care for the earth, not just for our own future, but for the future of every one of God’s creatures.