Media information for the Episcopal Ordination of Father Michael Duignan as the new Bishop of Clonfert

11 Oct 2019

You, or a representative, are invited to attend the celebration of Mass for the Episcopal Ordination of Father Michael Duignan as the new Bishop of Clonfert. Details:

Date and Time: 3.00pm on Sunday 13 October 2019.

Venue: Cathedral of Saint Brendan, Loughrea, Co Galway,

Media: At 2.00pm on Sunday, Mr Martin Long of the Catholic Communications Office, will be available to brief attending journalists at the dedicated media centre in the Presbytery (beside the Cathedral, entrance will be signed and located via the side door). Information including the Mass booklet, the homily to be preached by Monsignor Cathal Geraghty PP of Loughrea and Chancellor of the Diocese of Clonfert, texts of Bishop John Kirby, Bishop Emeritus of Clonfert, and of Bishop-elect Michael Duignan, the ordination booklet (which contains details of the Liturgy and the biography of Bishop-elect Duignan) and related information on the diocese will be available here. The media centre will also provide internet access and refreshments.

Photography: There will be one official photographer for the Episcopal Ordination: Mr John McElroy. Media may contact Mr McElroy by telephone on 087 241 6985 and/or by email on [email protected] to obtain photographs for publication purposes. Please note that as space in the Cathedral is limited, no other photographers are permitted.

The ordination Mass will be livestreamed on,, and on

Following the conclusion of the Mass, and at the front door of the cathedral, Bishop Duignan will greet members of the congregation in person. Media representatives will have an opportunity for a brief ‘door-step’ interview at this time.


For media contact: Catholic Communications Office Maynooth: Martin Long +353 (0) 86 172 7678 and Katie Crosby +353 (0) 86 862 3298.