Parishioners, priest and bishop deeply saddened by vandalism of Longford church

03 Aug 2019

After visiting Saint Michael’s Church, Shroid, in Longford parish, Bishop Francis Duffy, Bishop of Ardagh and Clonmacnois, has expressed his sadness at the vandalism that has taken place at the church.

Bishop Duffy said, “I am, along with Father James MacKiernan and our parishioners, deeply saddened at the violent attack on Saint Michael’s Church.  The church, at which Mass is celebrated each Sunday, was broken into and windows – including a stained glass window – were smashed.  This is the second attack on the church; the first occurring at Easter 2017, when it was desecrated.  Another church in the parish, Saint Anne’s, Curry, was vandalised last year.  Let there be no ambiguity, this is not a victimless crime.  Vandalism of this kind is profoundly disrespectful to people of faith and to places of worship.  It is threatening and distressing.  In a truly pluralist society these examples of vandalism are of concern to our whole community.”

Bishop Duffy and Father MacKiernan, Administrator of Saint Michael’s, have appealed to people with any information to contact the An Garda Síochána at Longford on 043 335 0570.


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