Providing Shelter for Refugees  

15 Feb 2019

  • Joint Statement by Bishop Francis Duffy and Bishop Kevin Doran

Two recent fires at The Shannon Key West Hotel have caused significant upset to parishioners on both sides of the River Shannon in Rooskey.  It is all the more disturbing since it is suggested that the fires are a response to the proposed use of the hotel to house refugees.  Militant opposition, expressed in the destruction of property, is simply not consistent with the Gospel.

Every civilised society is bound under international law to provide shelter for refugees.  Jesus teaches us that we will be judged, among other things, on how we respond to the needs of those who are without shelter.

The Catholic Church in Ireland has frequently expressed concern about the negative aspects of Direct Provision Centres where asylum seekers often live for many years, without the possibility of a normal family life.  Refugees need their own personal and family space.  They also need to be supported in becoming part of the wider community in which they live.  We believe that many of our parishioners would want to welcome refugees and offer them such support.

The well-being of local communities and of refugees alike requires that the provision of facilities for those who have lost everything must be carefully planned, in consultation with all the stakeholders, including local schools and health services.  We join with the clergy and parishioners on both sides of the river in calling on all concerned, including the civil authorities, to engage in the kind of dialogue and consultative planning that will allow the best possible outcome, both for refugees and for the local community.

Francis Duffy                                                              Kevin Doran

Bishop of Ardagh and Clonmacnois                          Bishop of Elphin