Bishop John Buckley’s New Year’s Message for the World Day of Peace

01 Jan 2018

Bishop John Buckley celebrated Mass for the World Peace Day at Saint Francis Church in Cork today, 1 January 2018 – the World Day of Peace. The Mass was attended by the Lord Mayor, civic dignitaries and representatives of the Gardai and Defence Forces.

During the course of the Mass, Bishop Buckley said that our World Day of Peace this year is shadowed by the terror atrocities in English and European cities, London, Manchester, Paris, Barcelona, Brussels and many more during 2017. Bishop Buckley said:

“People throughout the world, he said, feel a vulnerability and a fear for the future in the light of these events. Terrorism, which is a crime against humanity, is built on a contempt for human life.

“We must pray to the Lord, he said, to change the hearts of those who commit such crimes. Thankfully, in Northern Ireland people have realised the futility of violence as a means to resolve differences and have realised that violence destroys the fabric of society.

“True peace starts with justice. As long as injustice exists, true peace will not exist. Every human person has a right to housing, education and food. Without these, one cannot life a human way of life not to mention a Christian way of life.

“The good things of the world are given to us for the benefit of all and should be shared and not concentrated in the hands of a few. This is the deepest truth of the gospel. Is is amazing that the eight richest people in the world own the same amount of wealth as the poorest half of the world.”

Bishop Buckley prayed for peace in our homes, countries and world and for an increased awareness of the need to work for justice as a means to achieving lasting peace.”


  • Bishop John Buckley is Bishop of Cork & Ross

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