Saint Patrick’s Church, Donegall Street, to host a Mass of Hope for Belfast’s homeless community

19 Apr 2017

Saint Patrick’s Church, Donegall Street is set to host a Mass of Hope for Belfast’s homeless community.  At the Mass, a new soup-kitchen will be opened.  It will provide a safety-net and vital lifeline to those experiencing poverty and homelessness.

The initiative is in response to Pope Francis’ call to reach out to those in need with concrete acts of mercy.  Already, the parish has received pledges of support from community workers and volunteers.  Local people are keen to make a difference and show their solidarity with those who have fallen on hard times.

Mass, which will take place on Wednesday 26 April at 7.00pm, will be a joyful celebration with music and song by Belfast City Gospel Choir.  It will provide the city’s homeless with an opportunity to gather and give their testimony in an atmosphere of faith and friendship.  Everyone is welcome.


  • Saint Patrick’s, founded in 1815, is one of Belfast’s oldest and most historic city-centre churches.
  • Saint Patrick’s is a major contributor to the cultural and civic life of Belfast.  It is home to a world-famous painting by Sir John Lavery.
  • Saint Patrick’s played host to an historic royal visit by the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall in 2015.
  • Saint Patrick’s hosted the Door of Mercy for the Diocese of Down and Connor in 2016.

All media enquiries to be directed to Father Edward McGee, Diocesan Media Office, 07811144268 or Mr Paul McCusker, 07467339637