Homily for the Funeral Mass of David Douglas RIP – Church of the Most Previous Blood, Cabra

11 Jul 2016

10am Monday July 11th 2016

Celebrant –  Very Reverend Canon Damian O’ Reilly

“This morning as we gather here in this parish church of the Most Precious Blood to celebrate the Eucharist we gather to carry out the fraternal funeral  rites for the late David Douglas who has died in the most tragic of circumstances.

The setting of the today’s Gospel  is the death of Lazarus, the very dear friend of Jesus. So close were Jesus and Lazarus we are told that Jesus wept upon hearing of his death.

It was to the home of Lazarus along with his sisters Martha and Mary that Jesus would have come on many occasions especially during his public life to rest and take time out.

Jesus now comes to Martha and Mary to offer his comfort,love and support , but also to bring them a message of hope…a message of new life.

“I am the resurrection and the life,  if anyone believes in me even thought they die they will live and whoever lives and believes in me will never die,”

These words spoken by Jesus and recorded by the beloved disciple St. John which were brought to Martha and Mary at a very sad time in their lives  are brought to each one of us here this morning as we gather in prayer for David.

The wish of David’s family for today is that as we gather this morning not so much to talk about David but rather to pray for him. As a Christian community we know that our prayer can support David where he is now.Just as the large crowds came to offer there support and love to Martha and Mary we too are called to do the same for David’s family who mourn his loss.

The family have expressed their  wishes and thoughts for today as follows.

When David “Daithi” Douglas began his journey in this life 55 years ago here in Cabra West,   Ireland was a very different place. David was a man born in to a loving family. Daithi like most of us lived life his way. Some choices he made were very good choices especially his decision to marry Yumei and having the wonderful gift of his daughter . Other choices he made in his early life were not the best choices for his life.  Today,  we gather to say farewell to David, to remember the warmth and love he displayed to those closest to him.  As David was there for them, they too were there for David. His earthly journey has now drawn to a close and as we come today to lay David to rest we  silently smile as we recall his happy moments in his life and we reflect on some of the bad decisions he made which resulted in the torments that life had inflicted on him resulting in his tragic death.

Today in this Church, David is surrounded by those who knew him best and loved him most.  They don’t sit in judgement, no; they sit and are gathered here in support for those who now must continue the journey without David.  For those who loved David, needless to state that love was and is unconditional.  David made his peace with God and of that we have no doubts. What he wanted most was to walk his beloved dog and walk in peace in the safety of his family.

As we bid farewell to David and remember all the good that came from him, we now turn our love, our prayers and support to his wife and daughter.  Now is the time they need us most.  We also think of David’s family and the people of Cabra whom he leaves behind.  We all undertake this journey, we make our choices and we make our decisions.  Our day will come too, of that we are certain.  David would have want us to pray for him, to watch over all his family. As we say our final goodbye to David, let us also pray and pledge that every step forward we make will be a step of no regrets.He would have want nothing but the best for his wife and daughter.  Let today be a farewell to a husband, a father and a brother. Let today be a new beginning for us all.

It is in that spirit of prayer,I pray today that the the message of hope that Jesus brings to us in the Gospel this morning will be your source of comfort and strength. At that very vulnerable time for Martha and Mary Jesus challenged them when he said,  “Do you believe this” and without any hesitation whatsoever they responded,        “Yes Lord I believe that you are the Christ,the Son of God the one who has come into this world.” David’s own profession of Faith was like that of Martha and Mary, “Yes Lord I believe”, and despite the times when David  made some life decisions that were not guided by the power of the Holy Spirit..he truly believed in God.

We turn to the God of Mercy and Compassion who is slow to anger and rich in mercy and pray and ask him to gather David to himself in this Jubilee year of Mercy which our Holy Father Pope Francis promulgated on the 1st.sunday of Advent last December lasting right through to the last Sunday of the churches year on the 20th November this year.

As we gather in prayer to celebrate the Eucharist we come away from the frantic activity of daily life with all its ups and downs and it give each one of us  a chance to reflect on our own faith and our relationship with God, asking ourselves  – what part does God play in my life, does he occupy a central place in my day or do I push him out to the fringes of my life or out of my life altogether.?

Let us reflect for a moment and pray that we can respond to the Lord like Martha and Mary, “Yes Lord I believe.”

Dear friends in Christ to live our lives in that spirit is to live our lives  in the call of Jesus at the last supper to live our lives in Love and in his peace.

Summed up in the Old Testament in the call to each one of us

To Act Justly

To Love tenderly,

To walk humbly with our God,

For to love another person is to see the face of God.  May David now rest in the peace of the Risen Christ. Amen.


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