Trócaire: Join the fight for justice this Lent

10 Feb 2016

Pictured launching the 2016 Trocaire Lenten Campaign are two and half-year-old Jessie Rogers from Celbridge, Co. Kildare and three-year-old Luka Farrell from Longwood, Co. Meath. For the first time the Trocaire box features Trocaire supporters from across Ireland who are fighting for justice for the world’s poor by fundraising, campaigning and volunteering. The Trocaire Box is covered with pictures of families, teachers, school children, volunteers and campaigners who support the organisation’s work. Pic: Trócaire

By supporting Trócaire at Lent, you help ensure that families in developing countries can earn an income and have enough to eat, you help communities rebuild their lives after disasters and conflict, and you defend the rights of people under threat. Read more about Trócaire’s 2016 Lenten campaign and download their resources for school, parish and home.