Bishop McAreavey: “Violence has no place in our society.”

21 Jul 2015

Dr John McAreavey, the Bishop of Dromore, has condemned the attempt to lure and murder police officers in Lurgan at the weekend.  The Bishop said: “Those who attempted to kill police officers at the weekend have nothing to offer the people of Northern Ireland but despair and death. The day of the bomb and the bullet has no place in a democratic society. It was only by sheer luck that no one was killed.

The PSNI deserves the support of the entire community and had it not been for their vigilance the recklessness of those responsible for this attack could have caused the death of police officers and civilians alike. “I would appeal to those within the leadership of these organisations to desist from further acts of violence.

I also appeal to those within the local community who know anything that could assist the PSNI to provide whatever help they can. Northern Ireland has witnessed too many dark days in our past to allow our whole community to be dragged backwards.”

I know there is a strong sense of community in North Lurgan and I would call on all citizens to build on this and to give the best example and leadership to our young people.