Bishop Doran expresses his sympathy on the deaths of Larry and Martina Hayes RIP

28 Jun 2015

I was very sad to hear this morning that Larry and Martina Hayes, parishioners of our diocese, were among those whose lives were stolen from them in a mindless act of violence in Tunisia last week. I offer my deepest sympathies and prayers to their daughter, their extended family and their neighbours and friends in the South Roscommon area around Athlone.

The unprovoked killing of a husband and wife, who wanted nothing more than to relax together for a few weeks in the sun, is another reminder of how much unresolved anger there is in our world. To suggest that such violent acts can in any way be justified by religious belief, whether Christian or Islamic, is totally false. The one God in whom both Christians and Muslims believe is a God of peace.

It is particularly sad that we hear this news about Larry and Martina on a day when we gather to celebrate the jubilees of married couples in our diocese. May they, who have had their joy on earth taken from them, enjoy peace and happiness for all eternity in the Kingdom of Heaven.

+ Kevin Doran

  • Bishop Kevin Doran is Bishop of Elphin