Statement from Church leaders condemning the attempted murder of a police officer in Eglinton this morning.

18 Jun 2015

Statement from Bishop Donal McKeown, Bishop Ken Good, Dr Robert Buick and the Revd Peter Murray: condemning the attempted murder of a police officer in Eglinton this morning: 

We are appalled at the despicable attempt to murder a police officer in Eglinton this morning, and thankful and relieved that the attack was thwarted.

There can be no justification for the attempted murder. It was wrong. It was evil. It was reckless. The police have said those who left the device endangered not only the police officer but other people living in the area.

Like the vast majority of people in our community, we had hoped that attacks like this had become a thing of the past. The use of violence has been rejected repeatedly and overwhelmingly by our community, so today’s attempted murder was an assault on us, too, and on our aspiration for a better society.

Our people want to move forward – together – towards a better and brighter future. The bombers seem intent on taking us backwards and keeping us apart.

They must not succeed.

We, as church leaders, offer our support and prayers to the police officer who was targeted this morning and appeal for anyone with information about the incident to share it with the PSNI.


Notes to Editors:

A number of the Church leaders are to meet senior police officers at Strand Road police station at noon today and will be available to speak to the media.