Televising of the Easter 2015 liturgies of the Holy Father Pope Francis

01 Apr 2015

Vatican Television Centre has released the following information for broadcasters regarding worldwide telecasts of events presided over by the Holy Father Pope Francis during Holy Week and Easter.  Pope Francis will preside at the following liturgies:

  • Friday, 3 April 2015, Good Friday, ‘Way of the Cross’ at the Colosseum, Rome.  Celebration time: 19.15 – 21.00 approximately UTC/GMT,
  • Sunday, 5 April 2015, Easter Sunday, Saint Peter’s Square, Vatican City.  Mass of Easter Sunday followed by the annual message and blessing ‘Urbi et Orbi’ of Pope Francis in Saint Peter’s Square.  Scheduled celebration time: 08:15 to 10:30 UTC/GMT.

All the events at which Pope Francis presides may be viewed on the portal  The Pope App provides continuous information on the Holy Father’s liturgies.

Notes to Editors

  •  The Pontifical Council for Social Communications has the responsibility of coordinating the worldwide telecasts of Papal ceremonies at Christmas and Easter, in addition to extraordinary celebrations and events broadcast around the world. The telecasts are often made freely available through a network of satellites from which television networks and outlets can receive and transmit the events to their own local, national or international audiences.  The broadcasts are a co-production of the Vatican Television Centre and Italy’s public service broadcaster Radiotelevisione Italiana.  This background information is intended as a service and resource for television broadcasters and commentators.
  • Television commentaries from the Vatican in the English, Spanish and French languages will be offered on the satellite audio channels of Eurovision World Feed.  Details concerning the various satellites and frequencies will be posted on the Pontifical Council for Social Communications website (, in addition to texts and background information for television producers and commentators.  For those unable to receive the broadcasts through the above service providers, alternative satellite reception possibilities can be explored.


For media contact in Ireland: Catholic Communications Office, Maynooth: Martin Long 00353 (0) 86 172 7678 and Brenda Drumm 00353 (0) 87 310 4444