Archbishop Diarmuid Martin says death on city street points to deeply divided Dublin

02 Dec 2014

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has expressed his deep sorrow at the death of a homeless man on the street in Dublin city centre.

Only yesterday, the Archbishop visited a Crosscare day drop-in centre where homeless can get a healthy meal at very reasonable prices.  Most of those present in the centre at the time were homeless people who spoke about the difficulties they found every day and every night in finding somewhere safe to sleep.

Various groups fighting homelessness and providing shelter and care for the homeless have been repeatedly calling attention to the existence of a real crisis of homelessness in Dublin.

Archbishop Martin said he is very deeply concerned about a deeply divided Dublin where on the one hand there is rejoicing at increased spending over the Christmas period and on the other hand where the number of those homeless and hungry is actually increasing.

The Archbishop called for a public summit – and if necessary to host it with the city’s Lord Mayor- of all those involved in fighting homelessness, together with municipal and political and business leaders in Dublin, to address the immediate question of emergency accommodation for the homeless.