Archbishop Diarmuid Martin’s final commendation at the funeral Mass for Albert Reynolds

25 Aug 2014

“In prayer, we now commend our brother Albert Reynolds to the loving mercy of God.  He was united with Christ in Baptism. Sunday after Sunday, he was nourished at the table of the Lord, often in this very Church.  Confident in our hope of resurrection, we pray that he will now inherit his place at the eternal table of the Lord in heaven.

What do we mean by resurrection?  Resurrection only has meaning through our faith in Jesus Christ.  Through his death and resurrection Jesus conquered death and brought new life.  It is God’s action that makes all things new.  For those who are faithful, God’s action always transforms what seems the end into a new beginning.

In his life, in his responsibility for the political and economic destiny of those he was called to serve, Albert Reynolds was responsive and creative and determined in his desire to move forward in the search for peace and for a more just, secure and prosperous society.  He sought peace with determination.  Today we urgently need an international community which seeks peace with similar determination at a moment in which our world is marked increasingly by horrendous violence.

In a special way Albert has been remembered for the warmth and care and personal goodness of his human qualities and his devotion to his wife and family.

Resurrection means that the determination and goodness of this committed Christian man will now be transformed and will live on, because he is known and loved by God in such a way that he can no longer perish.  In his final encounter with the God of love, Albert’s sins and failings will be purged while the good that he did and the love that he showed will continue and will flourish in newness of life until one day we are all reunited in the presence of the Lord”.


 Further information: Annette O Donnell, Director of Communications, Archdiocese of Dublin – 087 8143462