Notice concerning Clive Lynn

16 Apr 2014

Clive Lynn, also known as Cathal O’Lionn, formerly a priest of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, USA, was found guilty and dismissed from the clerical state on the 12 of November 2004 by Pope John Paul II, as a penalty for the sexual abuse of minors.  As a result, he was forbidden to present himself as a priest, wear clerical attire or perform acts of ministry that are reserved to the sacred priesthood.  On the 7 March 2008 a penal precept was imposed upon him warning him that his continued refusal to abide by the terms of his dismissal would result in his excommunication.  Having presented evidence to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith of his continued failure to abide by the terms of his dismissal and in the light of the recommendation of the Congregation, Archbishop Martin declared on the 24 of February 2014 that Clive Lynn has incurred an excommunication with all the effects established by canon 1331 of the Code of Canon Law.

It is hoped that this action will prompt a change of heart on the part of Clive Lynn and that accepting the conditions of his dismissal he will seek the restoration of communion with the Church.

Both the Gardaí and the HSE are aware of Mr Lynn’s background.