Statement on Corpus Christi College Development

20 Nov 2013

Press Statement on Corpus Christi College Development

Trustees of St. Paul’s Parish and Trustees of Corpus Christi College

20 November 2013


We, the Trustees of St. Paul’s Parish and Trustees of Corpus Christi College, welcome the announcement this week of the development of the former Corpus Christi College and sites. This project is a visionary educational and social investment in our local community of West Belfast.

As part of this project, Corpus Christi College will be relocated entirely onto the ‘Ard na Va Road’ site with capacity for approximately 500 students. To facilitate this upgrading of the present College facilities, Corpus Christi has received capital grants of £1.25 million provided by the Department of Education.

As part of the Corpus Christi College development project and in partnership with Davitts GAC, former derelict pitches will be developed to create a full sized floodlit GAA and multi-purpose pitch and a 3G pitch. These will also be enhanced with the development of adjoining land by Davitts GAC to establish recreation and play facilities, changing facilities and forestry-style walks.

Under the management of Davitts GAC, these high quality pitches, sports and recreational facilities will have a significant impact on the local educational provision and also greatly benefit the wider community. Corpus Christi College, local primary schools and St Mary’s University College will be able to avail of these facilities during the day and they will also be available for use by  the wider community in the evenings.

It is also proposed that the former location of Corpus Christi College on the ‘Britton’s Parade’ site will undergo development and it is anticipated that this will primarily include much needed social housing.

We acknowledge and congratulate everyone involved in bringing this project to fruition including the untiring efforts of the Principal of Corpus Christi College, Mr Frank Maskey, Davitts GAC, the Department of Education, Parish Trustees and local political and community representatives.

Speaking about the development of Corpus Christi College, Fr Tony Devlin, Parish Priest of St. Paul’s, said: “Along with the local parishes, I look forward to this great adventure of a multi-sports field, 3G pitch and recreational areas being provided at the Corpus Christi pitches site and extending into the DSD lands. We could not praise highly enough the development proposal and the great positive effect it will have for all the people of our parishes. We wish God’s blessing on this venture and congratulate Davitts GAC for their untiring leadership in this process – dia na lámha ar an bhiotáille eachtrúil.” {Trans. ‘God bless the adventurous spirits’}


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