Share the Good News – Leaflets

08 May 2013

Share the Good News

This National Directory for Catechesis in Ireland speaks from the heart of the Church with love.

It is particularly timely in seeking to address the specific catechetical issues that arise in the Irish context now, at the beginning of the twenty-first century. It acknowledges the many questions about Christ and his message that are alive in Irish society and in the Church in Ireland today.

We hope that it will encourage all who are searching for the deepest meaning of life and love to turn toward Christ who educates us to live truly, compassionately and with integrity in the presence of our ever-loving Father.

Share the Good News – Leaflets

A series of seven leaflets are available which are designed to introduce people to the full National Directory for Catechesis in Ireland.

The topics covered include prayer, family catechesis, young adult faith development and Catholic schools.

In this, the Year of Faith, these fliers build on the impact that Share the Good News is having in parishes and faith communities around Ireland