Bishop Buckley asks for prayers for farmers

20 Apr 2013

Bishop Buckley asks for prayers for farmers

Bishop John Buckley has written to all priests in the Diocese asking that prayers would be offered this weekend for an improvement in the weather.  Bishop Buckley said that over the past few weeks he has been traveling throughout the Diocese administering the sacrament of Confirmation.  During these visits, he has head of the hardship  the poor weather has been having on many farmers.

Last years poor summer coupled with the consequent effects on the harvest, followed by  a prolonged winter, poor grass growth and, more recently, saturated ground, has resulted in many farmers having to obtain credit and, in some cases, sell livestock.  Bishop Buckley also added that the recent cold snap resulted in the death of much livestock.  It was also worrying, he said, that members of the medical profession had also told him that the poor weather, and the problems that arise form that, were also causing severe strain.

Bishop Buckley asked that prayers be offered for an improvement in the weather and for the relief of all those suffering from the effects of the economic downturn at this time.