An update on the implementation of Share the Good News

31 Mar 2013

Share the Good News, the National Directory for Catechesis is inspiring the work of groups of people all around Ireland. The directory was launched in 2011 and is a ten year plan for renewal of the faith community in Ireland.

Across the Church, from small groups of people to more complex strategies, the Directory is the ground upon which faith and faith community can be nurtured in Ireland into the future. The faithful are interested to see the work that they already do reflected in the Directory. The gift that it is, from the heart of the Church in Ireland, continues to give life to faith communities large and small.

In this video Fr Gareth Byrne, writer and editor of Share the Good News gives an overview of its implementation and introduces a new set of thematic presentations on Share the Good News focusing on seven of its themes. These booklets are available in Veritas stores nationwide, and for purchase by emailing: [email protected].

  • Catholic Schools: Building Community
  • Adults Learning and Teaching Faith
  • Encountering God: Prayer in the Christian Life
  • Evangelise: Witness to God’s Love
  • In the Parish
  • Family Catechesis
  • Youth and Young Adult Faith Development