Address by Most Rev William Crean on the occasion of his ordination as Bishop of Cloyne

27 Jan 2013

Address by Most Rev William Crean on the occasion of his ordination as Bishop of Cloyne

 “Croí le brí Nua” (Heart with a new vitality)

My brothers and sisters in Christ,

“This is a day the Lord has made We rejoice and are glad”

Croí le brí Nua – heart with a new vitality is the simple motto I’ve chosen to represent this day and the journey that we, the priests and people of Cloyne set forth on from this day forward.

Let me first extend a word of welcome and gratitude to all who have honoured us with your presence and prayer to-day, – first – my family and friends.  We welcome all the parish representatives – and we have all the parishes represented.  Welcome to the priests from the Diocese of Cloyne, from the Diocese of Kerry and my classmates from Maynooth and Rome.  We welcome all the bishops who travelled to be with us to-day.  To Cardinal Seán Brady who has presided.  To the ordaining Bishops.  The Papal Nuncio Archbishop Charles Brown and his assistants Archbishop Dermot Clifford and Bishop Bill Murphy.

As we make this new beginning for the Diocese I wish to acknowledge the ministry of my predecessor Bishop John Magee.  In his absence we wish him well in his retirement.

I also wish to acknowledge the diligent stewardship of Archbishop Dermot Clifford as Apostolic Administrator over these past  years.  Due to his oversight and direction a robust and comprehensive safeguarding policy and structure is in place throughout the diocese.  We can be confident that best practice now prevails and will be subject to continual reviews.

To-day I renew my commitment to continue the work of healing and reconciliation that is so necessary for all.  This work will take time understanding and patience.

As I begin my ministry as Bishop I am encouraged and affirmed by so many cards and letters from people priests and religious throughout the diocese, all have promised prayer and support.  Each of these kind and thoughtful messages I will acknowledge.

As we move forward we bring with us the long and deeply rooted Christian Heritage of this ancient See of Cloyne.  Regardless of your view of history St. Colman has set down deep roots – which will not be easily uprooted.  Tá an creideamh préamhaithe go domhain agus go daingean san doeise seo.

“The Spirit of the Lord has been given to me”.  We borrow these words from the lips of Jesus and make them our own today.  Our mission is the same as that of Jesus – to ensure that the vulnerable are cared for.

Few doubt that there is an air of desolation across the land.  So much and so many things combine to dampen if not indeed crush the spirits of many.  The discipline and demands of the “Troika” weigh heavily on us.  Jesus was critical of those who placed excessive burdens on peoples’ shoulders.  Is it not time that major financial institutions do more of the heavy lifting? – the people have done their share.

Beneath these economic woes there are issues of the spirit that need more of our attention.  Our souls cry out for “calm from the storm”.  Anxiety and depression reign in the hearts of so many.  Family relationships are strained to the limit as they try to cope.  Despite these challenges we journey in hope and with resilience.  This year we celebrate a Year of Faith to mark 50 years since Vatican II which gave us a renewed vision of the Church’s mission in the world.

My friends when I speak of heart and the aspiration for a new vitality I speak not just of the Church but Society too.  To nurture that spirit calls for a new positive engagement in public discourse.  Cynicism serves no one and resolves nothing.

There are those who believe that the mission of the Church belongs to history.  I say it was never so relevant and contemporary in its wisdom and insight.  The Church is duty bound to engage positively in the public discourse.  I believe we can and will be a leaven in that dialogue.  Change is a constant reality.  The question for all is “Can we bring with us the vigour and truth of the Gospel as we together seek to rebuild the nation for a new generation?”

Tá an fómhar fairsing ach tá an Tiarna linn. Cosúil leis na  deisceabail ar an mbóthar go hEmmaus, bíodh a mbriathra mar tine in ár gcroíthe ag neartú ár lamha le dóchas agus grá.

Ar aghaidh linn in ainm Dé.

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