Statement from Bishop Noel Treanor in Response to the Attack on a PSNI Officer

31 Dec 2012

Statement from Bishop Noel Treanor in Response to the Attack on a PSNI Officer

The recent attempt made on the life of a police officer over the past weekend at his home is deplorable. This cold act of calculated terror, perpetrated in this Christmas Season of peace and goodwill, put in danger the life of a PSNI officer, his wife, family, neighbours and the public. It is utterly reprehensible and to be condemned by all.

The perpetrators of such an action would take our society back to a culture of suspicion, conflict and violence. Building a civilized society requires political engagement, dialogue and purposeful and respectful co-existence rather than the use of violent and destructive methods.

The ‘World Day of Peace’ message issued by Pope Benedict XVI for this New Year’s Day stresses the role of the entire community in the pursuit of peace.

As we enter the New Year, as citizens and Christians, we must intensify our efforts to promote and sustain an ethic of peace and justice. Constructive civic action is a social imperative for all of us without exception. Acts destructive of life and of social trust are blind to the human dignity of each person and to the urgent challenge to build a viable future.

At this time, I extend my support and prayers to the police officer, his wife and his family affected by this heinous act and to all officers who have been wounded in the exercise of their duty at the service of our society.

I encourage anyone who has information in regard to the recent attack to assist the PSNI with their on-going investigations.