Statement by Bishop Treanor regarding Loss of Jobs in F G Wilson's

14 Sep 2012

Statement by Bishop Treanor regarding Loss of Jobs in F G Wilson's

In learning of the loss of so many jobs by those employed by F G Wilson's in Larne, Monkstown  and Belfast, I join with the other Churches in receiving this news with concern and sadness for all those affected directly and indirectly by this decision.

I am painfully conscious that this decision will bring great hardship to many families in our community and I am sure that efforts will be made by many in social solidarity to support all affected at this time.

Given the globalisation of the market, in this period of recession, the responsibility to maintain and develop a social market economy linking governance, production, the generation of wealth and its distribution in society and local communities is an enormous challenge for all and particularly for entrepreneurs, employers, politicians and economists.

We must all do our best, and particularly those of us who bear the name Christian, to assist those in need.

At the same time, we must also pursue efforts to so humanise and govern the local and global economy that local communities may have access to work and so that wealth is generated, distributed and reinvested in a way that promotes the common good of all.

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