Families and Households: An initial analysis of Census 2011 Results

Families and Households: An initial analysis of Census 2011 Results

The first set of confirmed results from Census 2011 in the Republic was released on 29 March 2012. This set is entitled This Is Ireland and contains the tabulated data and some additional analysis for marital status and age, living arrangement and families usual residence and nationality, ethnicity and religion and finally, data on housing. In all, the CSO provided 45 separate tables of data containing several thousand points of reference for analysis. This report will concentrate specifically on family units and households, with a brief tabulation of data on nationality and religion.

The report forms the first part of a two part analysis arising from these data. The second part will consist of a much more detailed report on these data in conjunction with the data from the latest round of European Social Survey data on Mass attendance and Catholic practice and will be available later this year. It is hoped that roughly equivalent data for Northern Ireland will be available at that time. Some data on family breakdown for NI has been included here and this was provided to me by Deirdre O’Rawe, Accord.

All of this data is available from the website of the Central Statistics Office, NISRA (NI) and from AIRO at NUIM.

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