Archbishop Clifford hails publication of inaugural edition of “Safeguarding Children” newsletter in Cloyne Diocese

27 Mar 2012

Archbishop Clifford hails publication of inaugural edition of “Safeguarding Children” newsletter in Cloyne Diocese

The Cloyne Diocesan Safeguarding Children Committee has published the first edition of its “Safeguarding Children” newsletter. The newsletter gives detailed information on how those with concerns about the safety of children or vulnerable young adults can obtain assistance and advice.

The first edition contains an outline of how the committee works by former school principal, Denis Ring, while another committee member Una Relihan deals with the issue of elder abuse. There is a frequently asked questions section and details of the structures for safeguarding children in the diocese are also contained in the newsletter.

Rosarie O’Riordan, a committee member outlines her role as Child Protection Training Co-ordination while Patricia Redmond from Fermoy gave a parent’s perspective on the safeguarding of children.  An alter server also gives her views on serving Mass and how much she enjoys the experience.

The first edition of the newsletter was warmly welcomed by  the Archbishop of Cashel & Emly, Most Rev Dermot Clifford DD, Administrator of the Diocese of Cloyne, who said it was yet another initiative for providing adults, children and other organisations with useful information about safeguarding children in the diocese.

“If history is to record the first decade of the twenty-first century as a deeply humiliating time in the Church in Cloyne Diocese, then let history also record that this was a time when the Church in Cloyne used every available opportunity  to learn  from past mistakes, rectify past wrongs and move forward in faith with a renewed purpose and vigour especially with regard to the safety and well-being of the young and most vulnerable,” he said.

Archbishop Clifford, in a comment today, said that the task of safeguarding children was an ongoing one requiring vigilance, energy, commitment and a strong desire to ensure that as far as is humanly possible our children and vulnerable young adults are safeguarded.

“We must be constantly on our guard,” he said. “We must have the proper structures in place to assist people who have concerns that child sexual abuse may be taking place and I am happy that enormous strides have been take in this regard in the Diocese of Cloyne.

“The publication of the “Safeguarding Children” plays an important role in communicating to the public the many measures, structures and personnel who are in place to assist those in need. I would like to congratulate Mr. Con Lynch, Chairman, and the members of the Cloyne Diocesan Safeguarding Children Committee, on this publication and for the outstanding work they do on a daily basis. The  clergy and people of Cloyne owe them a huge debt of gratitude. I look forward to further editions and the launch of the committee’s own safeguarding children website.“

For further information:
Rosarie O’Riordan, Cloyne Diocesan Safeguarding Committee, Tel: 022 21009
Michael Keane, Insight Consultants, 00353(0)86 824 4500