Statement from Bishop Noel Treanor to Students on the Feast of St Patrick

16 Mar 2012

Statement from Bishop Noel Treanor to Students on the Feast of St Patrick

Students, enable us to be proud of you as you celebrate St Patrick this weekend!

You can do that.

Tomorrow we celebrate the St Patrick’s Day with many throughout the world.

St Patrick, our patron, is celebrated with respect in cities, towns and countryside worldwide.

As you celebrate our patron, make sure that St Patrick’s Day 2012 honours his memory and the good name of this island.

As you celebrate, act responsibly with your friends and companions.

If need be, a group of you can take the lead to influence others to exercise self-control.

A group of you can restrain disruptive behaviour and show respect for the neighbourhood and its inhabitants.

Together with local residents I call on the students of our universities and colleges to respect the inhabitants of the “Holy Lands” and other student areas over the coming weekend.

Former years have seen occurrences that must not recur.

For the sake of the good name of our city, its universities and colleges, I call on you to cooperate with the representatives of the universities and colleges, with the representatives of Belfast City Council, with the Student Union Representatives, with local community leaders and with the Police so that we may all celebrate with joy and tranquillity the Feast of St Patrick.

+ Noel Treanor

Bishop of Down and Connor

16 March 2012