ACCORD centre in Roscommon opens following refurbishment

20 Jan 2012

ACCORD centre in Roscommon opens following refurbishment

ACCORD, the Catholic marriage care service, has opened its Roscommon centre following a year-long refurbishment project.  The centre which is based at Saint Coman’s Club on Abbey Street, closed in December 2010 to allow for a major refurbishment to take place.  The centre is now open for marriage counselling once again.

Bishop Christopher Jones, Bishop of Elphin and President of ACCORD said: “The mission of ACCORD is to support marriage and the decision to get married is the most important decision a couple will make in their lifetime.  While it is a wonderful decision, it should not be made lightly and it is one which requires a lot of thought and preparation.  Sadly, some marriages can breakdown.  Every breakdown is a personal tragedy for the couple involved, for their children and their extended family and friends.  What can add to the tragedy of a marriage breakdown is if one or other partner spends the rest of her or his life wondering ‘If I had gone for counselling might my marriage have worked?’  It might have worked or it might not but it surely makes good sense to find out.

“Since its inception fifty years ago this year, ACCORD has developed a proven track record which offers a safe, professional and confidential process to facilitate couples and individuals to explore, reflect upon and resolve difficulties in their marriage and relationship.  I thank God that many couples have benefited from the support of ACCORD counsellors and facilitators in the past and will do so in the future.

“I send my warm wishes and blessings to the staff of the Roscommon ACCORD centre.  My  hope is that the reopening of the centre will mean that couples may more easily avail of ACCORD services, especially in the current climate when there are more and more pressures on marriages and family life,” Bishop Jones said.

ACCORD Regional officer Mr Gerry Guinnane said: “We are delighted that the doors of the Roscommon Accord centre have reopened and that we are able once again to provide marriage counselling to clients locally.  Couples wishing to avail of marriage counselling are welcome to call into the ACCORD Centre in Roscommon between 9.30 am to 1.30 pm, Monday to Friday, and we can also be contacted on 0906 626619.”


Notes to Editors

o    ACCORD is an agency of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference which provides a nationwide service to couples preparing for or seeking a deeper commitment within the sacrament of marriage.  ACCORD responds to the challenges facing Christian marriage today and affirms its value in an ever changing world.  It empowers couples to explore and reflect on: the essential elements of their marriage; and the purpose and value of their choices within a committed relationship.  See  and on Facebook and Twitter.
o    ACCORD’s 800 professional counsellors and facilitators voluntarily provide services in the key relationship areas of marriage counselling and marriage education (i.e. preparation).  ACCORD’s 60 locations are based in the North and South and its services are offered regardless of a person’s ability to pay.  This is particularly important for families in these difficult economic times.  ACCORD counsellors are trained to the highest professional standards.  Our training is accredited by the National Association of Pastoral Counsellor and Psychotherapists.
o    Since 2008 ACCORD centres across Ireland recorded a year-on-year decrease in the demand by couples for marriage preparation, with 16,317 hours being provided in 2010.  This decrease reflects both a reduction in the numbers of couples getting married and, in addition, it is symptomatic of the growing numbers of alternative providers of marriage preparation courses.

Further information and for media interviews:
ACCORD centre in Roscommon, Diocese of Elphin: 00 353 (0) 906 626619
Mr Stephen Cummins, Director of Marriage Education, ACCORD central office, Maynooth: 00 353 (0) 87 2964956 and 00 353 (1) 5053109
Catholic Communications Office, Maynooth: 00 353 (1) 5053017