Voluntary contribution requested from priests of Cashel & Emly diocese

09 Jan 2012

Voluntary contribution requested from priests of Cashel & Emly diocese

The Archbishop of Cashel & Emly, Most Rev Dermot Clifford, D.D. confirmed today (Jan 9, 2012) that he has written to the clergy of the diocese asking them to contribute, on a voluntary basis, to a Clergy Contribution Fund due to debts incurred in child protection issues.

The initiative came from the most recent meeting of the Council of Priests at which it was proposed that the Archbishop make a renewed appeal to the priests of the diocese for the restoration of the fund. The fund was first put in place five years ago and brought a very generous response, for which Archbishop Clifford thanked the priests.

In his letter to the priests Archbishop Clifford suggested, on the recommendation of the Council of Priests, that Parish Priests contribute €60 per month and curates contribute €50 per month.

Issues relating to the cost of the child protection are confidential and no details will be forthcoming. Mr Bill Meagher, a former Child Care Manager with the HSE in the Mid-West Region, has agreed to become the Child Protection Delegate for the Cashel & Emly diocese, a role he has held in the diocese of Cloyne for the past year.


Note to Editors:  Archbishop Clifford is on retreat and is not available for interview.

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