Christmas Greetings from Bishop Liam MacDaid, Bishop of Clogher

21 Dec 2011

Christmas Greetings from Bishop Liam MacDaid, Bishop of Clogher

Our thoughts and sympathies this year at Christmastime are especially with those for whom this season brings a huge burden of worry on account of their economic situation.  We are aware of and most grateful for the magnificent support which many households experience through the generous work of members of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

Reason tells us all that sacrifices will have to be made by our people over the next few years.  We should tell our political leaders that any concessions that are possible ought to be directed towards the weak, the poorer and the most vulnerable members of our society.  The better off and the strong will have to carry the heavier share of these sacrifices.  This will require generosity on their part as well as wisdom and courage on the part of political leaders.  False promises have a habit of catching up on us and civil unrest and protest have a habit of leading to destruction of property, unnecessary security costs, personal injuries and worse.

If we are willing to acknowledge the destructive capacity of all forms of greed on the human spirit, and to simplify our needs and our manner of living, we could begin a process of transformation in our country.  The saviour whose birth we celebrate at this time has offered us a recipe for happiness.  It involves primarily giving rather than taking and storing all we can get.  The recipe also involves the pursuit of a range of human values from humility, gentleness and kindness to respect for property, good name, parents and our source of life.

The message which Jesus Christ left us is our wish for all people this and every Christmas – that you may have life and have it to the full! To make the sacrifices, which help us to share this life with all, is to begin to create the conditions for establishing the kingdom of God on earth as in heaven.  When we all share more equally the wealth created by the earth and our mutual talents, we can live together more peacefully, more justly and more lovingly.

May his kingdom come!

+Liam S. MacDaid
Bishop of Clogher

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