Seminar to support Young Carers in Irish society

16 Sep 2011

Seminar to support Young Carers in Irish society

Crosscare, in partnership with Care Alliance Ireland, are co-hosting a national seminar to look at the unmet needs of Young Carers in Ireland. It is hoped that this event will create a greater understanding of the various issues facing young carers today. The seminar will take place at the Carmichael Centre in North Brunswick Streeton Monday (19 September) at 10am and admission is free to all.

Rosemary Daynes project worker with the Crosscare Carer Support Programme said, “It’s great to allow the voices and needs of the young carers to be heard as they can become a neglected group in our society. Young carers do so much for the State and of course those for whom they care. We also have the opportunity to present on the exciting project that we have been a part of for the last year and show what supports can be offered for them.”

Children and young persons under 18 who provide care, assistance or support to another family member assume a level of responsibility which would usually be associated with an adult.  It is estimated that 28,000 young people support family members inIrelandevery day. This often unseen and unsupported caring can range from dressing and feeding disabled parents/grandparents to shopping and cooking for younger brothers and sisters to quietly caring for sick relatives, all carried out while  coping with their own educational and social needs.

International speakers at the seminar include Tony McGurk of Barnardos Northern Ireland, as well as other professionals involved in supporting young carers. Speaking about young carers support Tony McGurk said, “Any service must endeavour to ensure that children and young people become less impacted by the care needs of a dependant family member. This can only be achieved through a close working relationship with Social Work Teams, Community Groups, Schools and Carer’s organisations.”

“We are light years behind other countries in terms of support for young carers. These young people are doing an amazing job but are receiving no proper recognition or support”, according to Linda McKernan Cork City Partnership, speaking in advance of the seminar.


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