Archdiocese of Dublin Statement on Financial Review

18 Aug 2011


18 August 2011

Statement on Financial Review

The Archdiocese of Dublin is, like most  people and organisations in the current economic climate, faced with declining financial resources.

It is preparing measures to address that situation based on an analysis of pastoral needs and funding requirements into the future.  The Archdiocese has to face the current serious economic reality and review what it can and cannot support financially in the coming years. It is complex situation which will require a multi faceted, considered response.

The Council of Priests, an advisory body to the Archbishop, is planning and preparing its response to this financial review, one of a number of bodies which will do so.  The document which is currently the focus of media attention is a discussion document, prepared by the Council for a meeting which has yet to take place, involving proposals and suggestions which have yet to be discussed.

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