Responding to Abuse

28 Jun 2011

The Dublin Diocesan Liturgy Resource Centre website presents a selection of texts from Scripture, Reflections, Prayers, Litanies and suggestions for music that may be of help in developing an appropriate prayer response in relation to the issue of abuse of any kind.

Sample prayers

We pray for all those who have suffered  abuse of any kind:
that the Lord of all tenderness and compassion
will restore them and give them peace.

We pray that we may become more and more a community
that actively cares for and protects the most vulnerable sections of our society.

We pray for the Spirit of wisdom:
that it will enlighten the minds of all people
and lead to a growth in awareness
and determination to put an end to all acts of violence and abuse.

Support Services Contacts

Please click here for a list of useful telephone numbers and contact details.

Safeguarding Children – Articles and Publications

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