Joint statement by Bishop Ken Good and Bishop Seamus Hegarty following visit to Mrs Nuala Kerr

04 Apr 2011


4 April 2011

Joint Statement by Right Rev Ken Good (Church of Ireland Bishop of Derry and Raphoe) and Most Rev Dr Seamus Hegarty (Roman Catholic Bishop of Derry) following visit to Mrs Nuala Kerr and her family

The killing of Constable Ronan Kerr is a profound rejection of the fundamental Christian teaching that all human life is sacred. We have come to Omagh to offer our deepest condolences to Mrs Nuala Kerr and her family. Ronan’s mother, brothers and sister have shown immense dignity, courage and generous humanity in the most tragic of circumstances. We are indebted to her for her words of healing in the midst of tragedy.

We make this visit jointly to symbolize what is now reality – that a historic cycle has been broken. The time when political difference was addressed by violence is over. It has no part in the life of our community. The efforts of those who so cruelly took Ronan Kerr’s life do not shake our united resolve to live at peace with our neighbour.

In a life so needlessly cut short, Constable Kerr has left a proud legacy. The police who serve and protect us are deserving of our unequivocal support. Notwithstanding this tragic event, we encourage young people from across our community not to be deterred from serving the public by joining the PSNI.

Those who committed this crime must be aware of a stark contrast so obvious to all on these shores and beyond; a contrast between the cruelty of violent acts conceived in bitterness as compared with the inspirational example of service to his community exemplified by Ronan Kerr and the dignity shown by his family.


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