Four Church Leaders meet DUP at Stormont

15 Dec 2009

15 December 2009

Four Church Leaders meet DUP at Stormont

The leaders of Ireland’s four main Churches today met with the leader of the DUP, Rt Hon Peter Robinson.

The meeting with Cardinal Seán Brady (RC), Dr Stafford Carson (Presbyterian Moderator), Bishop Michael Jackson representing Archbishop Alan Harper (CoI) and Rev Donald Ker (Methodist President) was held at the DUP’s request and in response to an open letter written by the Church Leaders in early November.

Among the issues raised in the letter and discussed at today’s meeting were:

  • concern at the present levels of violent crime, particularly against older people, and the need for a comprehensive response from community and political leaders;
  • the importance of engaging with young people in the building of a more inclusive and safe society and the continued commitment of all in leadership to demonstrate an ability to overcome differences through working together for a better and more stable future.


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