Archbishop Clifford’s statement regarding comments by Fr Tadhg O’Donovan

02 Dec 2009

2 December 2009

Archbishop Clifford’s statement regarding comments by Fr Tadhg O’Donovan

Archbishop Dermot Clifford, Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Cloyne, has apologised to the Revenue Commissioners for the unacceptable comments made by Fr Tadhg O’Donovan, a priest of the Diocese of Cloyne, as reported in today’s press.

The Archbishop has had a brief telephone conversation with Fr O’Donovan and all he can say at this point that he has demanded that he publish a full and immediate apology [see below]. The Archbishop takes a most serious view of this matter. Further comment is postponed until the Archbishop has met with Fr O’Donovan.

Personal apology by Fr Tadhg O’Donovan.

I wish to apologise for the offensive remarks I made in relation to the Revenue Commissioners. I unreservedly withdraw what I said about them in relation to the timing of the publication of the list, the offensive allegation that they were responsible for suicides, the very intemperate tone and obscene language of my comments, and the statement that the Revenue Commissioners were inconsiderate and inhumane. I made these remarks in the heat of the moment and did not realise that they would be published.


Further information:
Fr Jim Killeen, Diocesan Communications Officer 087 205 3938
Martin Long, Director of Communications 086 172 7678