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Bishop Buckley opens new home for Irish Sisters of Charity

8 April 2008

Bishop John Buckley opens new home for the Irish Sisters of Charity

It is always gravely wrong to deliberately end or destroy a human life.  Euthanasia is
the deliberate ending of a human life before its natural end – Bishop Buckley

Bishop John Buckley, Bishop of Cork and Ross, speaking at the opening of a new home for the Irish Sisters of Charity in St Vincent’s Road Cork City yesterday, thanked and praised the Sisters for their work in the Diocese.  Bishop Buckley mentioned in particular their care for the sick and dying at Marymount Hospice which, he said, was valued and appreciated by all the people of Cork and beyond.  The Sisters moved from their convent at Marymount Hospice recently as the Hospice is due to be relocated to a new, purpose built facility in the near future.  Bishop Buckley added that our modern society needs people like the Sisters, dedicated in helping the sick and the terminally ill.  The Sisters at Marymount, he added, have done this work generously and, in so doing, have won the respect and admiration of the community.  That care typified the ministry and mission of the Catholic Church in relation to the sick and dying.

Bishop Buckley said that many people referred to the work of the Sisters in the past few weeks by way of comparison with this week’s lecture at Cork University Hospital entitled: ‘Why euthanasia should be legalised?’

Bishop Buckley continued that human life is a precious gift to be loved and defended in each of its stages.  There is no such thing as a worthless human life.  The Lord alone is the giver of life and He alone has the right to decide when that life should end.  It is always gravely wrong to deliberately end or destroy a human life.

Euthanasia is the deliberate ending of a human life before its natural end.   People expect doctors and those in the medical profession to heal and save lives, not to end them.  Euthanasia undermines the relationship between patients and their doctors and those in the medical profession.

The Hospice movement is a wonderful example of positive support for people who are terminally ill.  Those who are sick, frail and elderly deserve our particular care and respect.  Pope John Paul II, with his own painful witness in his own suffering, showed the world every day that all life has a value and is worth living.

Bishop Buckley concluded by adding that death haunts us when looked at as a journey into nothingness rather than as a pilgrimage to a place where true happiness is to be found.  In the coming days we commemorate the sufferings of Christ and we remember, with gratitude, that His sufferings won for us eternal life.  That is the cause of our hope and the answer to our own suffering.


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